Laser Hair Removal

Removal of unwanted hair on the face and body

Laser hair removal using intense pulsed light to damage hair follicles and prevents them from growing hairs in the future. This method prevents targeted hairs from growing again and allows you to remove unwanted hair from the face or body.

Hair grows from hair follicles. Each individual hair has a growth cycle. At any one time, 90% are in the growing phase and 10% in the shedding phase. Laser hair removal technology can only remove hairs which are in the growing phase. For this reason. You’ll need several sessions of treatment to catch as many hairs in their growing phase as possible. It is possible to reduce your hair regrowth by up to 80%.


  • Detailed discussion of your observations and wishes
  • Thorough examination
  • Holistic assessment of your health
  • Diagnosis
  • Discussion of treatment options
  • Personalised treatment plan
  • Treatment
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Laser hair treatment permanently damages the hair follicles it targets. Once a hair follicle has been damaged, hairs will not grow out of it again. However, only hairs which are in the growing phase of the hair growth cycle can be targeted by our laser device. It’s unlikely that laser hair removal can stop all of your targeted hair follicles from producing hair, but your regrowth should be up to 80% less, and much more manageable.

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The number of sessions you’ll need to achieve your hairfree goal will depend on the size of the skin area you are targeting. We will be able to determine how many sessions you’ll need when we assess you during your pre-treatment consultation.

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Laser hair removal treatment is not painful. However, many patients have described experiencing a tingling feeling, which may or may not bother you. We will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment session.

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The length of your treatment session will depend on the size of the surface area you are having treated.

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Our laser hair removal device can remove unwanted hair from most areas of the body and face.

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The laser device we use has a number of different settings. We will choose the appropriate setting for your skin type.

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The common side effects reported by a few of our patients are skin redness and slight itchiness. This should only last for a few hours.

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In the hands of a laser hair removal expert, this treatment is very safe. We will talk you through any risks you may face during the consultation.

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