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The most common childhood conditions include skin infections, moles, eczema and vitiligo, not to mention viral warts and molluscum contagiosum. Many children develop eczema, hay fever and asthma. Aggravating factors need to be identified and, where possible, corrected.  Discussion with parents and understanding the family history is always helpful in understanding conditions that affect families.

Children are a vulnerable group of patients and require special care. Skin conditions in children may be either inherited or acquired. They may affect only the skin, or may be part of a broader underlying developmental abnormality that on occasions requires an interdisciplinary approach of dermatologist, paediatrician, geneticist and others.


  • Detailed history of your skin concern
  • Total skin examination
  • Holistic assessment of your health
  • Diagnosis
  • Discussion of treatment options
  • Personalised treatment plan
  • Treatment
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If your child has been wheezing, there is a chance he or she has asthma, particularly if someone else in the family has been diagnosed with it. If your child is struggling to breathe, call 999, but if the wheezing is mild and occasional, please book a consultation to seek a diagnosis.

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If your child’s skin has developed a rash, your child has begun wheezing, or suffering from a runny nose, it may be due to an allergy. We can provide skin prick allergy tests for children to determine which factors may be aggravating your child, with a view to you helping your child avoiding them in the future.

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Some rashes are serious. Others are less so. It’s important that you seek urgent medical help if the rash is extreme, or non-blanching, particularly if other worrying symptoms are present, such as if your child is non-responsive, feverish, or struggling to breathe. However, in the case of less serious situations, many rashes are due to heat or mild allergy. We can help you establish possible causes for your child’s rash, and offer treatment options.

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If you have any concerns about a mole your child has, because they find it itchy, the mole is very large, it contains different colours, it has irregular ragged borders, or it has changed in some way, please book your child in for a mole examination.

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We’ll need to know the child’s symptoms before we can make a diagnosis. Please give us a call.

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Children can get eczema, particularly if eczema runs in the family. We can provide appropriate treatment.

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We treat each child’s skin conditions holistically. This means we will suggest the treatments that are most appropriate for the skin condition that is being presented.

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