Masseter Botulinum


Creating a softer, slimmer, less square look to the jaw.

The masseter muscle is a facial muscle that connects our lower jaw to the cheeks. It is one of the several muscles responsible for chewing. When this muscle becomes enlarged for a variety of reasons, usually in patients who grind or clench their teeth, it can dramatically change the shape of your lower face.

Botulinum is a muscle relaxer. It’s use include to temporarily paralyses the muscle it’s injected into. Masseter botox can also change your face shape and manage facial pain.

Devonshire Dermatology offers this non-invasive method of jaw slimming for patients who feel that their jawline is too wide or for patients who want a slim facial appearance. A wide jawline can be due to a number of factors, including bone, fat, or an enlarged muscle in the outer lower cheek area. Botox injections for jawline slimming only target the enlarged muscle in the outer lower cheek area, while buccal fat removal targets the fat pad and jaw shaving helps slim down the bone.


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The masseter muscle can be significantly lowered using a non-surgical treatments like botulinum toxin treatment—more widely known as Botox. The muscle botulinum toxin process is non-invasive as it includes a set of botulinum toxin injections placed into the masseter muscle

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Masseteric muscles label Botox could last at least four to six months after gradually returning to its original form. Nonetheless, ongoing treatments of injecting Botox to the muscle to relax them will lead to them slowly losing the grinding habit.

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Botox is an excellent treatment for masseter . However, the impacts do wear off as your body degrades it. Learn that you can’t make it last longer, but you could do things that could extend the length of its effect.

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Dermatologists use Botox injections to reduce the masseter muscle to shape the face. Botox injection to the masseter is also a cure for teeth grinding. Strong masseter muscles give a wide jaw which in turn produces a square, masculine face. This can be unflattering for some women, and men too.

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Like any other muscle, the more the masseter is worked out the stronger it becomes. Masseter muscles can become over-developed from grinding teeth. The medical name for grinding or clenching teeth is Bruxism. A lot of teeth grinding happens during sleep, subconsciously. This can wear the teeth down and give headaches and jaw pain.

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One of the major advantages of Botox is that there is little or no recovery time, and most people feel fine and can return to their normal life immediately. The results of treatment should last around 3-6 months and the procedure can be repeated after this time.

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