Non-Surgical Blepahroplasty


An alternative to a surgical eye lift with no major surgery involved.

Traditionally surgery, in the form of an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) removes skin or fat from the eyelids but can be costly and involve hospital admission, anaesthetic and greater side-effects.

New non-surgical blepharoplasty (eye-lift) treatment gives outstanding results without the need for cutting. 

Non-surgical blepharoplasty treatment uses plasma beam energy created from the ionisation of atmospheric gas between the probe and the skin, It works by ‘zapping’ the excess skin with the plasma current to remove the excess skin and resulting in tightening of the skin, without the need for cutting like traditional surgery. Non-surgical blepharoplasty will take only 20 minutes and will give excellent results that last just as long as traditional surgery.

Effects are noticeable immediately after treatment and around one week of ‘down-time’ in the form of redness, swelling and scabbing can be expected. Tiny dark brown spots will appear on the treated area and will flake off over the following 7 days. The area may be tender as it is healing and may scab over or become a little sloughy. It is important to allow any spots or scabs to fall off naturally otherwise scarring or infection may occur. After treatment, keep the treated area clean, dry and avoid exposing the area to extremes of heat or cold until it has healed.


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A plasma pen uses a voltaic current that ionises the natural gases found in the air. The gases are turned into plasma from ionisation. The pen’s 0.3mm needle tip directs the plasma to the skin of the treatment area. The needle tip never penetrates the skin; instead, it applies controlled superficial micro-burns when placed in close proximity to the skin’s surface. These tiny plasma burns trigger a thermal-damage healing response, which helps reinstate the skin’s natural elasticity.

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Before undergoing any treatment, it is very important to manage expectations. For instance, with the plasma eye lift, people would expect no downtime due to its non-surgical nature. Although it is for a very short period, there is some downtime after every treatment.

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The non-surgical blepharoplasty can help tighten and lift both the upper and lower eyelids. It provides a permanent respite from skin sagging over the eyes. Plus, the treatment can also help get rid of smile line wrinkles from the edges of the eyes.

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Following a plasma eye lift session, there is going to be minor scabbing and some swelling. The plasma spark pen creates multiple micro-burns on the treated area. This results in scabbing – they fall off naturally in 3-7 days.

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The treatment is performed using local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort. As a result, the treatment is virtually pain-free.

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Patients who have bags, droopy lids, or loose skin on the upper or lower eye are the ideal candidates for this treatment option. Non-surgical blepharoplasty can be performed on all skin types.

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